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At ZED Connect we offer an ELD Solution that will last for life, with no monthly fees or charges. Almost too good to be true? Well, this Summer we are offering our solution at an even better price, some say "unbelievable," but we say "believe it!"

With so many ELD Solutions in the market, figuring out which one to choose can be overwhelming - is the cost too high? Are there a bunch of add-ons that I need to sign up for? Am I paying for things I don’t need? Or you might even worry that your new ELD solution will go the way of One20 and close down too. With ZED Connect, you don’t have to worry, because it’s the better option. 

Why Switch to ZED-ELD?

How can we say “for life”? Well, since ZED Connect is Powered by Cummins, you can be comforted to know that the ZED-ELD Solution will be around for years to come. And not only will we continue to improve the ZED-ELD solution, but we will also expand the functionality of the ZED Connect web portal - bringing both drivers and fleet operators innovative insights and tools to keep them moving forward. 

Are You a Previous One20 User?

Exchange your One20 hardware, pay just $20 for shipping & handling, and receive access to the whole ZED-ELD solution (including IFTA Reporting) with no hardware cost and no monthly fee - for life.

Not a One20 User?

Don't worry, we still have an offer for you! Fill out the form below and get an exclusive offer for $20 OFF each ZED-ELD adapter you buy and still get the entire solution with no monthly fee - for life.