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With so many ELD Solutions in the market, figuring out which one to choose can be overwhelming - is the cost too high? Are there a bunch of add-ons that I need to sign up for? Am I paying for things I don’t need? Or you might even worry that your new ELD solution will go the way of One20 and close down too.

With ZED Connect, you don’t have to worry, because it’s the better option. This Summer when you exchange your One20 hardware and pay just "one $20" for shipping & handling you’ll get the ZED-ELD hardware and full access to the ZED-ELD Solution, including IFTA Reporting, with no monthly fee - ever. No kidding... for only $20 (and your traded in One20 hardware) you’ll get the whole ZED-ELD Solution, Powered by Cummins, for life.

Why Switch to ZED-ELD?

How can we say “for life”? Well, since ZED Connect is Powered by Cummins, you can be comforted to know that the ZED-ELD Solution will be around for years to come. And not only will we continue to improve the ZED-ELD solution, but we will also expand the functionality of the ZED Connect web portal - bringing both drivers and fleet operators innovative insights and tools to keep them moving forward.

How Does it Work?

The ZED-ELD Trade-In Program is open to all One20 ELD users, who have One20 ELD hardware they can send to us. There is no limit on the number of One20 ELD hardware units that qualify.

To take advantage of this ZED-ELD Trade In Program, you must follow these simple steps below:

  1. Fill out our ZED-ELD Trade-In Program form which can be found here.
  2. We will charge your credit card $20 per device to cover shipping & handling and your ZED-ELD device shipment will be on its way. You will receive a confirmation email with provided shipping information so you know when to expect the delivery of your new ZED-ELD device shipment.
  3. Once you receive your ZED-ELD device shipping info, you must send your old One20 ELD hardware to us within 60 days to avoid being charged the full price of the ZED-ELD hardware ($200 each). As a note, you will not be charged a monthly fee for the ZED-ELD compliance solution or for access to IFTA Reporting, even if you pay full price for the ZED-ELD devices - ever.
  4. Once you receive your ZED-ELD device shipment, you will have access to our free iOS or Android ZED-ELD app, our free Fleet Management Portal, and access to IFTA Reporting within the ZED Fleet Management Portal at no additional cost – for life. Follow these simple instructions here to get your new ZED-ELD Solution up and running.

Have Questions? Contact our Customer Support Team at support@zedconnect.com or call 1-888-315-9788. We are available from 8am-8pm EST (Monday - Friday) to help with any questions and helping you get up and running. We look forward to having you be a part of the ZED-ELD user community and getting you back on the road.



Terms & Conditions:

If you have any questions about this program, please contact our Customer Support Team at 1-888-315-9788 or email support@zedconnect.com and put “ZED-ELD Trade-In Program” in the subject line.

  1. Customer must submit the ZED-ELD Trade-In Program Form between 06/20/18 and 08/25/18. Prior or later purchases do not qualify.
  2. Each traded-in ELD must be a One20 ELD device and the total number of ZED-ELD devices ordered must match the number of One20 devices received by the customer within 60 days of the ZED-ELD shipment to avoid any additional charges.
  3. Each traded-in One20 ELD must be a recently used device and must have been actively used in North America within 180 days prior to the submission to this program.
  4. Customers must pack each traded-in One20 ELD device in reasonable packaging to avoid damage during shipment to ZED Connect.  
  5. Title to each traded-in One20 ELD will transfer to ZED Connect upon acceptance by ZED Connect at ZED Connect’s facility.
  6. Customer must pay all shipping charges related to sending the traded-in One20 ELD hardware to ZED Connect. ZED Connect will not accept any FOB origin, COD shipments or postage-due shipments.
  7. Each traded-in One20 ELD must arrive at ZED Connect’s facility within the 60-day period following the shipping date of the ZED-ELD hardware to the customer. The time cutoff is for delivery, not shipment. Any expedited shipping is the customer’s responsibility. ZED Connect will send a shipping confirmation email to the customer upon shipment of the ZED-ELD hardware, but is not responsible for lost or non-received emails related to this notification.
  8. The contact, shipping, and other information provided from the ZED-ELD Trade-In Program form must match the information given with the traded in One20 ELD hardware. A printed out copy of the ZED-ELD Trade-In Program confirmation email must be included in the box with the One20 hardware to confirm accurate matching. ZED Connect is not responsible for submitted information gaps that make it difficult or impossible to match returns with entries on the ZED-ELD Trade-In Program form.
  9. ZED Connect may return to the customer, at the customer’s expense and at ZED Connect’s discretion, any One20 ELD hardware not timely received or that otherwise fails to qualify for this program.
  10. Risk of loss of any traded-in One20 ELD remains with the customer until the traded-in One20 ELD arrives at ZED Connect’s receiving location (or, in the case of an untimely arrival or other rejection by ZED Connect according to these terms, until the One20 ELD arrives back at customer’s location).
  11. If ZED Connect rejects and returns a non-qualifying traded-in One20 device, ZED Connect may return such non-qualifying traded-in One20 device to the origin shipping address or the address on the ZED-ELD Trade-In Program Form at ZED Connect’s discretion.
  12. This program is only available for North America customers. The origin shipping address for traded-in One20 ELDs and the mailing address on the ZED-ELD Trade In Program Form must both be in North America or ZED Connect can reject the shipment at ZED Connect’s discretion.
  13. ZED Connect will not be responsible for detecting or correcting submission errors on the ZED-ELD Trade In Program form.
  14. ZED Connect reserves the right to modify or suspend this program at any time.
  15. ZED Connect reserves the right to introduce limits to the number of One20 ELD trade-in units that can be requested, as necessary.
  16. This program is not valid with any other ZED Connect sponsored promotional program.
  17. If a customer fails to deliver the traded-in One20 ELD within 60 days from the ZED-ELD device shipment date, ZED Connect will charge the customer’s credit card for the retail price of $200 per ZED-ELD unit ordered.
  18. Customer represents and warrants that each traded-in One20 ELD and each newly received ZED-ELD has been used, or will be used, for commercial purposes in relation to conducting business in the North America Transportation industry.
  19. Returns by customers of a ZED-ELD device associated with this program must be solely for failure of the ZED-ELD, per the warranty, as described in the help section of www.zedconnect.com. All warranty claims must be associated with an RMA number, which can be obtained by contacting ZED Connect Customer Support. Warranty claims related to this promotion will be exchange only, and no shipping & handling or other types of refunds will be given. ZED Connect need not return the traded-in One20 ELD or provide a replacement for the traded-in One20 ELD.
  20. ZED Connect accepts no liability for any service contract or data held with One20 ELD or any other ELD providers.