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The ZED-ELD Solution has no monthly fee, no contracts, and no hidden fees - with savings just in the first year alone. Even if your friend is locked into a contract with another provider, they can’t lose switching to ZED Connect. 


Benefits to Your Friend:

  • 10% discount off each ZED-ELD adapter they purchase
  • Return on their investment, with savings in just the first year alone, even if they are already locked into a contract with another solution.
  • They will not be locked into a contract or have to pay a monthly fee. They only pay a minimal upfront cost for the hardware.
  • A fully compliant HOS logging solution coupled with other core fleet management tools including a web-based Fleet Management Portal, GPS tracking, DVIR, Dispatch and IFTA reporting.


Benefits to You:

  • Your choice of $20 off anything in our store or a $20 Digital Amazon Gift Card for every ZED-ELD your friend purchases.
  • A really happy and grateful friend!


How does it work?

Simply click the "Rewards" in the right hand corner. Then sign up, if you have already, sign in. Once you are signed in you can share doing the following:

(1) Copy and paste your link and send to them

(2) Share your link on Facebook or Twitter

(3) Send it directly to them in an Email. 

Your friend will then be asked to provide their email address and then get their unique code that they can use to get their special 10% off each ZED-ELD discount. 

Once your friend has made a purchase with their code you will receive an email from us letting you know how much you have been rewarded and next steps on how to receive your reward.

Questions? Contact us at info@zedconnect.com.


This Referral Program ends on 10/10/18.