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Top ELD Myths Busted

Top ELD Myths Busted

With only about two months until the ELD Mandate takes effect, we at ZED are disconcerted to see quite a few rumors still surrounding electronic logging devices. To dispel some of the concerns of drivers who have yet to make the switch, here are the top myths surrounding ELDs that need to be busted:

Myth 1: It’s going to be a tough transition.

Reality: Switching from paper logs to e-logs is actually quite painless. Paper logs are more tedious and time-consuming than e-logs. As for hardware concerns, a vast majority of professional drivers already use a smartphone or tablet. The plug-and-play ZED Bluetooth adaptor simply connects with the vehicle’s OBD port (any make, any model) and pairs with the driver’s mobile device, allowing drivers complete ELD compliance in a matter of minutes.

Myth 2: The ELD Mandate is just the Feds peering over your shoulder.

Reality: Simply put, as a replacement for a traditional logbook, an ELD cannot and will not automatically report violations to law enforcement. To further protect driver privacy, ZED ELD only records location data with an accuracy of ten square miles when in off-duty mode.

Myth 3: ELDs will distract the driver.

Reality: ZED ELD actually requires minimal driver input and none while driving. ZED ELD automatically enters on-duty mode when the vehicle reaches 5 mph, seamlessly records Hours of Service and completes e- logs, and offers hands-free turn-by-turn commercial routing. In fact, the FMCSA reports an 11.7% reduction in total crash rates in trucks using electronic logging devices.

Myth 4: The ELD Mandate will put owner-operators out of business.

Reality: ELDs and related technology actually present an opportunity for owner-operators to improve business practices, increase efficiency, and ultimately grow revenue. ZED ELD provides optimized commercial routing, streamlines IFTA fuel tax reporting, facilitates easier load matching, and provides other improvements to efficiency which help owner-operators more than recoup the cost of the technology. Be sure to stay connected with ZED for upcoming services specifically designed to help owner-operators improve their bottom line.

Myth 5: The industry does not have enough supply to meet the mandate.

Reality: As the mandate deadline nears, there has been a spike in the demand for ELDs; however, backed by the Cummins infrastructure, ZED is more than ready to meet the challenge. And unlike some of its competitors, ZED is not seizing this spike in demand as an opportunity raise prices. ZED is completely committed to its on-time $200 cost for compliance, period.