The Lowest Cost ELD and Fleet Management Solution

No Monthly Fee. No Contract. No Kidding.

The Complete Fleet Management Solution

Free Fleet Manager Website for Dispatch and Tracking.
Free Driver Mobile App for E-Log, Loads, DVIR, and GPS Status.

The Complete Fleet Management Solution


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ZED Keeps You Compliant
Meet the FMCSA mandate with ZED. It completes all mandatory FMCSA documentation, including daily certification, duty status records, Hours of Service, and DVIR reports for DOT inspections to maintain compliance.
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ZED Keeps Things Simple
Install ZED in just a few seconds with minimal training required. Simply link the ZED app to the ZED Bluetooth Adapter (connected to the truck’s OBD port). The simple and intuitive design allows drivers to focus on the road while ZED tracks their Hours of Service and completes their e-logs.
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ZED Keeps It Affordable
Pay a budget-friendly one-time cost of just $200 for a ZED Bluetooth Adapter for each truck, and then you’re ready to go. There’s no contract, no monthly subscription, no installation fee, and no hidden fees.