ZED ELD Customer Transition to Stoneridge EZ-ELD

ZED Connect is phasing out the ZED ELD product. Our priority is ensuring our customers remain compliant and have access to necessary ELD services during this transition. We have negotiated a zero-cost transfer agreement with Stoneridge EZ-ELD. Customers must opt into this transfer. The ZED ELD mobile application and fleet management portal will continue to function until customers have completed their transfer to Stoneridge EZ-ELD.

Key Dates:

  • - Fleet Managers must opt into the Stoneridge transfer by December 31st, 2018.
  • - Fleets need to migrate to a new ELD solution (Stoneridge or another provider) by January 31st, 2019.

All customers who sign-up for this transfer will receive a free-of-charge Stoneridge ELD Device and a free-of-charge 1-year subscription to Stoneridge ELD and IFTA.

(Note: For each eligible for transfer, the truck must be using the ZED ELD device for your USDOT and ELD history must be in the ZED Fleet Management Portal.)

Click here to sign-up to be transferred from ZED-ELD to Stoneridge EZ-ELD

More Information about Stoneridge EZ-ELD:
For more information about Stoneridge EZ-ELD or about the transition, here are their contact details: